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Box workout with Maria Lindberg

I am glad that you found me and that you want to join my online workout classes that I am offering through Zoom Webinars.

A class lasts 60 minutes and it is a full body workout with boxing influences. But don’t worry, you can still join even if you don’t know how to box. Just join and you will see for yourself.

I am using German and English (and Swedish if needed) during the classes so that everyone is able to understand and get the most out of the classes.

Ready to join?

Please enter the link to the class you want to join and follow the instructions about how to register and how to pay (PayPal) for the class and then you are ready to go.

(The password/link you get after register is only valid for one device.)

You don’t need any equipment to join. We only use our body weight through the whole workout, but it might be good to have a towel and a bottle of water nearby because I promise you, it will be sweaty.

Sign in to the webinar (the training) about 5 minutes before the class starts and be ready to rock!

See you online!

Do you have any more questions?

Write me an email:

Upcoming classes

Date: MONDAY, December 11th

Time: 19:45 (Stockholm/Berlin)

Price: 8 Euro (ca 80 SEK), 6% VAT is included in the price


Date: SATURDAY, December 16th

Time: 11:00 (Stockholm/Berlin)

Price: 8 Euro (ca 80 SEK), 6% VAT is included in the price



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